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Think Safety First - A Small Car Problem You Should Not Ignore

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First, the bang on the windshield startles and unsettles you. You realize it was likely a rock thrown by the vehicle that just passed you. The irritation sets in as you scan your previously pristine windshield and find a crack. Then, relief washes over you as you realize it's just a chip and not major damage. "Oh good," you think, "No big deal. I can let this be." Put the brakes on that thought. Even a minor crack can become a major issue if not repaired.

More Than Just a Face Protector

While it's obvious that a windshield protects your car's occupants from flying road debris and pesky bugs, you may be unaware of its other purpose. The windshield is an important part of the structure of your vehicle. It helps to hold the roof up. That's an important fact on a daily basis and becomes even more important in the event of an accident. Given that information, you should want to keep your windshield in excellent condition. That means dealing with that window crack soon. Here is why.

The Dirt and Moisture Problem

A crack in your windshield will allow moisture and dirt to get between the two layers of glass that make up your windshield. This issue can potentially obstruct your view - certainly not a problem you want to have while driving. It will also weaken the integrity of your windshield, creating another potential safety issue. While waiting for a repair, avoid car washes and washing the window in that area. For a temporary fix (note the word temporary) you can put a piece of clear packing tape over the crack to protect it until you get an appointment set for glass repair.

The Spreading Crack 

A small crack can become a big problem fairly quickly. Spreading cracks make it difficult to see and weaken the strength of the window. There are multiple things that will cause the crack in your windshield to become larger.

  • Temperature changes - Extremely cold and extremely hot temperatures can cause a crack to spread. Parking in a garage may provide some protection for the short term, but don't rely on it as a solution to the problem.
  • Dips, bumps, and closing doors - Anything that causes jarring to your vehicle can cause additional spreading of the crack in your windshield. And these things are unavoidable. In fact, they happen on a daily basis. That is why scheduling a repair quickly is important.
  • Frozen moisture - When water gets into a crack and then freezes, it causes additional damage. 

Safety in Quality

Safety issues can also arise if low-quality glass is used or if the repair or installation is not done correctly. It's definitely a good idea to look around and compare prices, but in this situation, quality should be your main concern. There are a couple of things you can do to ensure a high quality repair job.

  • Read reviews - The closest company may not be your best choice. In fact, in this time of mobile windshield repair, that doesn't even have to be an issue. Get the low-down on a company's courtesy, efficiency, and work from those who have used their services.
  • Check on glass quality - Before you set an appointment, make sure that the company uses OEM or OEE windshields. OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer, and OEE stands for original equipment equivalents. These products will ensure that your replacement windshield is the same high quality as what was originally put in the vehicle. You can use the terms OEM or OEE as the company should definitely know what they mean. 

While it seems like a minor issue, you wouldn't want to compromise your safety or your family's safety because of a windshield crack. With mobile repair services, getting a windshield problem fixed is easier than ever. So, keep it safe and set an appointment right away.